A Brief History

Den and Ian first met through Myspace several years ago and even though they were involved in separate projects, it wasn’t long before they found they had a lot in common with their influences and musical ideas started to flow exchanging them via emails.

As time went by Ali, who also had other musical projects, found herself getting more involved in the writing with Den and Ian, which gave them more scope and was the final ingredient concreting the song writing team. The fan base grew just from the rough demos they’d recorded and they made the commitment to each other to concentrate their time to IzenGard.

Several tracks in to the project Ian, friends with Neil Ogden (Demon/Lawless/Dirty White Boys), played him some of the rough demo tracks and Neil offered his services to play the drums on the tracks. Neil spoke with Paul Hume (Demon/Lawless/Dirty White Boys) at “Summerbank Studios” (Stoke-on-Trent) and with the help from Neil and Paul and their believe in the tracks, a date was booked and they recorded their debut album “Angel Heart”.

Whlst recording the album, the search went out to find a permanent Bass Player and Drummer. Russ and Gary were soon welcomed into the fold to complete the IzenGard Lineup.

Additional live shows are to be confirmed, and the writing continues on with their 2nd album, yet to be titled.

IzenGard are Ian Ainsworth, Den Tietze, Alison Fowler-Tietze, Russ Vaughan and Gary Reece.